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Caravans and Mobile Homes

It is a company with multiple activities and was established in 1989, and Fana Factory Ltd. (for the manufacture and construction of caravans, travel salons and multi-purpose trailers) The factory manufactures luxury type trekking caravans under the name (Al-Malaki) as well as salons of the excellent type under the name (Barq) with multiple sizes up to 28 m for trip uses. The factory also manufactures the caravan according to the specifications required by the customer, and the factory also manufactures hospitals and field clinics, field laboratories, mobile offices, meeting rooms, mobile hotels, mobile workshops, mobile blood donation centers, mobile military operations rooms, mobile ATM vehicles, media centers, field communication rooms, command and control rooms, mobile toilets, mobile kitchens and restaurants, ducks and mobile councils, as we carry out full maintenance of the above, and all this is for example but not limited to and according to the specifications that Requested by the customer. Vana Caravans has the ability to manufacture the caravan you want.

Why Choose Fana Products?

Innovative Features

Our mobile caravans incorporate innovative features and technologies, enhancing comfort and safety during your travels.

Various Design Options

We offer flexible design options, allowing you to customize your mobile caravan to your specific requirements and style.

Superior Quality

Mobile caravans are designed and built with exceptional craftsmanship and durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Our Products

Start your adventure today with high quality Fana Caravans!

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