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This category is distinguished by suitability of the desires of customers to spend quick trips, hunting trips and safaris, as it is installed on cars with four-wheel drive, with the possibility of internal division according to the desires of customers.

Streamlined design to suit the speed of movement and lack of air resistance for the truck to start, with modernity in design.

Its design is subject to the customer’s desire to achieve the best choice with optimal utilization of space.
The customer’s choice of the special design is taken into account, whether it is a bed or a sofa that turns into a bed to utilize the space.
At the customer’s desire, add the office to the Stake body, taking into account the hotel design
It takes into account the most luxurious sanitary ware with porcelain for the walls and floors or marble, with the possibility of adding an ablution basin and hand holders suitable for the elderly to fulfill the desires of the customers.